The Russian Desert


During the winter 2006, I traveled from west to east across Russia starting in
St Petersburg and ending in Vladivostok. The devastating demographic decline that
the country is currently experiencing showed me how my lonely and introspective journey
across this immense Russian desert would look like.
By 2050, the current population of Russia will dwindle for a third. The worlds largest country

will be populated by 100 million inhabitants. The Russian Desert is the photographic work
of fiction, a voyage of 10 000 km, from St Petersburg to Vladivostok (via Moscow, Danilov,
Tobolsk, Novosibirsk, Krasno?arsk, Irkoutsk, Oulan Oude and Khabarovsk) through the
predictable demographic disaster.
My approach is the combining of documentary with poetry.
Personal impressions are presented side-by-side with visual appearance of hardly known

areas. Through my photographs, I seek to open the door to a dream-like world, hinted at
through the solitude, the demographic desert and the harsh climate; a region at the worlds
end, populated by curious animals and barren landscapes, where more than a ghostly human
appearance is rare.