27 february 2008, 16:00

Fotografika Project
Exhibition presentation

Museum Literary Pridniprov`e
K. Marks avenue 64,
Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine


This exhibition presentation of the project which exists in Internet for 2

years, attempt to see and comprehend it not in virtual, but in the real world.
In exposition works of professionals and amateurs, known and unknown

photographers from the USA, the Europe, the Near East, Russia and Ukraine
are presented. Among them are David Dector (Israel), Ljubisa Danilovic
(France), STEVE McCURRY (US), and also artists from Dnipropetrovsk S.
Aliev-Kovyka, V. Bublyk.

[the manifest]

The beginning of XXI century. Hope or disappointment?
Photography having the possibility documentary, hardly, shocking to see a

condition of a society, on the one hand, and by means of light poured from
a cosmos to create real-unreal abstract images of an eternaldrama of
struggle of light and a shadow, on the other hand - is it capableto answer
such a question? The reportings, events, the schizophrenic filled with
smoke city, people, collisions, aggression and love. Traditions, village, the
land and work, a birth and death. The world which hasnt been touched by
civilization. Seen national, sharply, unexpectedly. Can photography become
the objective instrument of illumination of this problemsand common
language of humanity? Use of the new technologies, new understanding of
plastics, a rhythm,space, understanding of light as divine essence. Who we
are? How we define ourselves? Why we differ from each other? Why nations
are at war among themselves, why love?
Maybe, photography of XXI century as the most mobile instrument of

reacting on events, which happen all around, will help all of us to express
and explainall deepest bitterness and infinite pleasure of our existence in
this world.

Museum Literary Pridniprov`e,
Company InfinitySpace